how to quit caffeine

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Quitting caffeine?

I dont know what cold turkey means except when referring to sandwiches. I just downed three energy drinks and instead of feeling like a champ. I felt like puking. What are some ways I can rid myself of this goop and start depending on natural sources of energy?

Posted by maguathehearteater

Caffeine is mildly addictive. If I don't have my coffee in the morning I get a headache around 11:00 and a cup of coffee makes it go away.

'Cold turkey' means you just stop using the stuff altogether. If you were addicted to heroin or opium, if you quit 'cold turkey' you could die!

Caffeine is not that bad. You can quit caffeine all at once. But it might be better to taper off. Maybe limit yourself to one coffee or energy drink a day for a week or so, then stop.

Reasons to quit caffeine?

Hi I have started cutting down my caffeine from five teas a day to just one and then hoping to bring it to nothing.
Prior to quitting I had anxiety and panic attacks and someone mentioned perhaps there is a link...so I am doing my best to get rid of it,
I have had an increased appetite bizarrely since I stopped drinking so much of it, is this a common side effect?
Has anyone else quit tea/coffee/other caffeine sources and noted a marked improvement in their life?

Posted by Lover

I once quit caffeine for an entire year and it was the best mental clarity and calm that i ever experienced in my life.
Caffeine can add to anxiety and panic attacks for some people.
I recently went two months without caffeine and started to feel great again but have added back just a little daily without much negative effects. So for me personally. Little or no caffeine works best for how i feel.
I think i intially do eat more when i first stop caffeine because the mind is looking for an substitute for the stimulation that the caffeine provided usually last a week or too and then there is no caffeine craving at all.

How to quit caffeine?

Anyone have any successful stories of quitting caffeine? I've been to edge of the world, drinking 2 Rockstars a day, but I'm down to one coke a day. I wouldn't mind the coke so much except that it's putting a spare tire around my waistline. Also, it does cause a slight crash when the effect is over. I would really like to just get completely off caffeine like a Mormon. No drugs of any kind in my system. Problem is I seem to have a terminal case of chronic fatigue syndrome. I eat pretty good, and I exercise 3 days a week. I'm 52-years old. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Terry

As a fellow Caffeine addict and sympathizer I will answer this, but I have never quit Caffeine myself nor have I attempted to quit. First things first, unless a Doctor has diagnosed you with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I doubt that you have it! Caffeine is the most commonly consumed, psychoactive drug in the world, which would make sense due to it's availability. Upon discontinuing Caffeine, Physical and Psychological Withdrawal become the biggest hurdle in this process. Headache, fatigue, Depression, Irritability and mood changes are to be expected. The best way you get off Caffeine is EXACTLY the same best way you get off any drug. You slowly decrease the amount of Caffeine you consume over a period of time. This may mean cutting half a Rockstar every week. This will minimize withdrawal symptoms and ease the process because Cold Turkey will likely cause such torture that you will relapse because you can't stand the withdrawal. Weaning off requires discipline, but you are 52 so I am sure you possess some Wisdom and understand how to utilize will-power (unlike myself). I suggest keeping Ibuprofen handy because decreasing Caffeine intake can still cause Headaches, this is because Caffeine constricts Blood Vessels, when you stop constricting them the extra dilation causes pressure on the surrounding Nerves. This usually occurs around the Temple, Ice Packs may help the pain as well. Best wishes.

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